Planning & Reporting Information

Planning and Reporting is the primary means by which Yahl Primary School articulates its educational goals and achievements to parents, the community and the Department for Education.

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Site Improvement Plan

Each year Yahl Primary School must develop a Site Improvement Plan which must be approved by the Regional Director. The Site Improvement Plan outlines the school’s learning priorities, targets and strategies.

2019 School Improvement Plan


Annual Reports

Yahl Primary School is obliged to prepare and distribute an Annual Report to the School Community. The Annual Report provides a detailed summary of the school’s performance, achievements and activities. It also includes a report from the Governing Council and a Financial Statement.

YPS 2020 Annual Report to the Community

YPS 2019 Annual Report to the Community

YPS 2018 Annual Report to the Community

YPS 2017 Annual Report to the Community

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